How To Communicate With A Loved One In Rehab

You turned me into what I hated more than anything else. It brings just enough truth for you to be willing to listen to what it is saying. Just know that the goal is to drag you back to the hell you’ve chosen to walk away from. The life your living right now might not exactly be heaven, but it isn’t that hell you’ve chosen to leave behind.

  • If they ask you to do it for them, be gentle but firm.
  • So, thank you for being a part of the support system for your loved one and, together, we are making healthier individuals, families, and an overall healthier Delaware.
  • Remember to follow the rules and use some of the suggestions above to help you decide on the perfect items to include.
  • Visiting your friend or loved one can help to keep them motivated and encourage them on their path to sobriety.

Above all, let the person you are writing to know that there’s someone who cares about him who will be there for him through his journey. You will be effectively giving the person one more reason to fight his addiction, therefore enhancing his chance of success. Then there was that night you were driving goodbye letter to alcohol under the influence and got into an accident. Not only because I feared the worst for your health, but because you had become the very thing that had driven you to addiction in the first place. Ever since, I stay awake at night, dreading a call telling me you’ve hurt yourself or someone else.

How do I start my letter?

I wanted to pick up the phone and call him, but I knew I couldn’t. I wanted to one last time, for old times’ sake, but I couldn’t. I flashed back to all the good times, but they were not to be anymore. I believe that feeling of loss is something similar to what you are experiencing in order to live on.

Patients going through the treatment process often experience anxiety. It is normal for you to go through these conflicting emotions. But you should not let them hold you back from seeking a healthy relationship with your loved one in rehab. From the perspective of a loved one, you may be experiencing a flood of conflicting feelings.

Q6: What should I include in a letter to someone in rehab?

If your loved one is in rehab, know that there will be some part of him that is scared, anxious and disappointed in himself. Chances are, he’s already beat himself up – and doesn’t need reinforcing negativity from family or friends. Begin with love and you will set the stage for positive communication. Remember that addiction and recovery are complex topics, and it’s important to approach your continuing education with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance from professionals or others who have been through the recovery process. Most rehab facilities also offer visiting hours for family and friends to drop in.

writing a letter to someone in rehab

If appropriate, the letter could include advice on how to stay motivated, how to practice self-care, or how to stay connected with family and friends. It can also be helpful to include some words of encouragement and support. I know that voice tells you about all of the people you’ve hurt. I know it reminds you of the trail of damaged relationships in the wake of your addiction.

What shouldn’t you say to someone in rehab?

In conclusion, what you say to someone in rehab can make a huge difference to them. Say things that will give them hope and will make them feel good about themselves. For example, if you say that you will come to visit the person every day and you do not go visit him as you have said, it will negatively affect the person’s recovery. When you are talking to someone in rehab, it is best not to bring up the past.

Forgiving doesn’t mean sweeping all emotions under the rug and moving forward without discussion. Forgiveness, instead, will help you find a sense of peace. It’s likely that your loved one made some serious mistakes, and you’re having a difficult time moving on. Forgiveness is about understanding that your loved one was sick with the disease of addiction when he or she said or did things to hurt you or break your trust. Forgiving will be releasing those powerful, negative thoughts that have been stored in your head and your heart. Forgiving will also be a starting ground for rebuilding your relationship and communicating effectively.

Moreover, you can boost their self-esteem by telling them all the things you love and respect about them. This reminds me of that time when you were failing in class. Remember that the teacher told you that you’d have to stop playing for the football team if you didn’t perform better. Still, we are hopeful and happy, and that’s because of you. We are happy that you chose treatment, and we know that when you come back, we shall make up for old times. I am glad you did it, and I want you to know that we’re still here for you.

writing a letter to someone in rehab

Conversely, with a little guidance, the letters can serve as a reminder to the person in rehabilitation – usually called “rehab” – that he’s loved and missed. This powerful message can give him emotional strength as he fights his addiction. Think of these letters as an opportunity to boost the patient’s motivation and get him through lonely or difficult times. Writing a letter to someone in rehab can be a difficult and emotional task. It is important to remember that the goal of the letter is to provide comfort and support to the person in rehab, and to remind them that they are not alone. Showing that you understand their situation and that you care can be incredibly helpful in their recovery process.

What to say to someone struggling with addiction should come from a place of love, acceptance of their new path, and total support of their new lifestyle. Some of the following will help you to know what to write to someone in rehab. Small love and support can increase the healing and recovery process.

What I do understand—and need you to know—is how your painkiller problem has hurt me and our relationship. Now I’m lucky to get a text once a week, and it’s usually you asking for money. You don’t show up to family dinners or game nights anymore. One of the most important people in my life became a stranger to me. It’s important to phrase your letter in a positive and supportive manner.

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